Atube catcher free download

atube catcher free download

What is Softonic atube catcher?

Always available from the Softonic servers An easy-to-use video downloader! What does Atube Catcher do? Atube Catcher is a program which lets you download videos from over 50 popular video sharing sites like YouTube, Vimeo, or Google Video. It can also capture video streams and save them onto your hard drive.

How do I remove atube catcher from my computer?

Para desinstalar aTube Catcher completamente do seu PC, é preciso acessar Programas e Recursos. Esta opção também está disponível no Painel de Controle do Windows. Para as versões do Windows anteriores ao Windows 10, como o Windows 7 ou Windows 8, você deve procurar por Adicionar e Remover Programas.

What are the system requirements for atube catcher?

At a minimum, it needs WinpCap 4.0 to activate the Stream Catcher mode and a DirectX 9.0c for the Screen Recorder feature. aTube Catcher comes with numerous capabilities in a lightweight application, making it a suitable program you can use for professional and personal use.

Can I use Matroska files in atube catcher?

Unfortunately you cannot work with Matroska files in Atube Catcher yet. You have a choice of FLV, AVI, MPG, WMV, MP4, PSP, 3GP and 3G2 formats, which generally has you covered when you are working with online video, though. Is Atube Catcher easy to use? Yes, the program wins on functionality as well as usability.

What is atube catcher for PC?

ATube Catcher for PC is a free video and audio downloading and recording software that will allow you to download videos and audios from lots of platforms such as Youtube or record your desktop screen. Moreover, the software has many settings that...

What are the system requirements to use stream catcher?

The OS must have an x86 processor, plus Service Pack 3 if you’re running Windows XP. At a minimum, it needs WinpCap 4.0 to activate the Stream Catcher mode and a DirectX 9.0c for the Screen Recorder feature.

How do I redistribute atube catcher?

If you are redistributing aTube Catcher, you must include a link to the official web site, so the user always has the posibility to download the latest release or security updates. The use of this software implies the acceptance of this agreement celebrated between the END USER and the SOFTWARE DEVELOPER/AUTHOR.

Who is legally responsible for atube catcher?

The end user is legally responsible for the good use of the Software, the respect of the intellectual property rights and the compliance of the “terms of use” of the websites to which accesses by using aTube Catcher.

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