Boi na brasa

boi na brasa

Why choose Boi na brasa?

Since 1996 Boi na Brasa Steakhouse, is making a difference and showing every year the value of the true Brazilian Steakhouse in the USA. Knowing the concept of how to serve with style, adding quality and service to better care for their customers.

Does Boi na Braza steak & grill - grapevine offer takeout?

Boi Na Braza Steak & Grill - Grapevine offers takeout which you can order by calling the restaurant at (817) 251-9881. How is Boi Na Braza Steak & Grill - Grapevine restaurant rated?

What is costela de boi?

Also known as Costela de Boi in Brazil Famous for being the tenderest of cuts and grilled to a juicy perfection Prepared with an in-house marinade and wrapped in bacon then roasted to a juicy perfection. Also known as Frango com Bacon in Brazil Our Gaucho chefs will be offering fish of the day as part of the dining experience.

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