Brunch lisbon

brunch lisbon

Where is the best brunch in Lisbon?

Our top spot for the best brunch in Lisbon is a truly hidden gem. An inconspicuous converted-home-turned-cafe, Early Birds takes the brunch cake thanks to its all-world menu and food quality, great coffee, as well as its unique atmosphere. One of the things that makes Early Birds stand out are the way they do their poached eggs.

What to eat in Lisbon?

Sweet pastries, toasted bread and a galão (coffee with milk) is the standard order at these traditional cafés and one that has yet to change. While brunch is a recent trend in Lisbon, it’s one that’s quickly taking over the city, meeting local demands for avocado toast, runny poached eggs and healthy granola.

Where to eat brunch in Campo de Ourique?

We’re including Amélia in this Lisbon brunch guide because of its popularity as well as its location in one of our favorite Lisbon neighborhoods. However, when it comes to eating brunch in Campo de Ourique, we’d rather eat dim sum at nearby Macau Dim Sum (see below) than food that’s been prepared for instagram photos.

What is the brunch like at the brunch?

The brunch follows the same logic, with a comprehensive menu available every day of the week.

Where to eat breakfast in Lisbon?

From all-day brunch to artisanal pastries and luxurious hotel feasts, Lisbon is brimming with breakfast options, and you’ll find the best spots right here on this list. On the way to Lisbon’s National Museum of Ancient Art, you’ll find Heim Cafe.

Where to have a brunch in Portugal?

If you enjoy your Zenith Lisbon brunch, you can repeat the experience at the cafe’s original location in Porto or in Madrid. Yes, the team behind Zenith has jumped the border and is now conquering Spain. Be bold and order a colorful beetroot latte, golden latte or matcha latte.

Is Cotidiano the best brunch spot in Lisbon?

Despite seeing lines forming every day outside Cotidiano, we were reluctant to rush to eat at the Baixa eatery. As it turns out, Cotidiano is one of the best brunch spots in Lisbon.

What are the best things to do in Lisbon?

Eating brunch is one of the most popular things to do in Lisbon. Crowds of locals, ex-pats and food travelers pack cafes throughout the city in order to satiate their brunch fix. Not all pancakes in Lisbon are salty.

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