My endesa

my endesa

Why should I use Endesa customers?

With our application you will always have all the information you need close to hand to control your energy. Endesa Customers is the free, fast and easy to use App available to you, so you can manage your electricity and gas contracts, check your bills from anywhere, enter your meter readings and check out our exclusive offers.

How do I Find my Bills in Endesa client area?

In your Endesa Client Area, you can find all your electricity, gas and/or maintenance services bills. They are organised automatically so you can quickly view them from anywhere that has an internet connection. You will never lose a bill, and you can always see how much you spent last month, or the month before that, or a year ago...

How do I Manage my Endesa X order?

To manage your orders go to We inform you that your account has been enabled to access as a Unique Endesa X Profile. Non-activation of the Unique Profile represents the impossibility of accessing Endesa Xs digital services.

Do I need to adapt to Endesas tariffs?

You dont need to adapt to Endesas tariffs because they adapt to you. If you go to our catalogue you can compare the different tariffs for yourself.

This is Endesas new solution. With the new power calculator you can adjust the power to your real needs. How much does the contracted power cost? On your bill you will find details of the cost of the electricity power you have currently contracted. Electricity consumption: this is variable, although you can control it.

What are the new electricity and gas tariffs?

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