Galaxy a52s

galaxy a52s

Is the Samsung Galaxy a52s 5G the same as A52?

While officially named the Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G, because there isnt a non-5G version available well be referring to the device as the Galaxy A52s throughout. The Samsung Galaxy A52s is a mid-cycle upgrade over the Galaxy A52 5G that Samsung introduced earlier this year.

How is the battery of the Samsung Galaxy a52s?

Like the Galaxy A52 5G before it, the Galaxy A52s houses a capacious 4,500mAh battery. Samsung’s exemplary battery optimization shines here and the phone easily lasts a day and a half of use. With extensive use of Twitter, Reddit, Slack, and emails, I never had range anxiety and the phone still had juice in the tank at the end of a busy workday.

Does the Samsung Galaxy a52s have stereo speakers?

Stereo speakers: The Galaxy A52s includes stereo speakers, but they’re not particularly good speakers. Output sounds thin with no semblance of bass. Volume levels, on the other hand, are good enough for calls or to watch YouTube videos. Headphone jack: Yup, it’s there and it works as you’d expect.

Does the Samsung Galaxy a52s have a fingerprint on it?

However, compared to practically everything else on the market, it takes almost a second to recognize the fingerprint and unlock the phone. The Galaxy A52s continues to feature the IP67 rating from the Galaxy A52 5G to protect the phone against errant splashes and dust.

What is the difference between Samsung Galaxy A52 and a52s?

The Galaxy A52s is powered by the Snapdragon 778G chipset whereas the Galaxy A52 5G is rocking the Snapdragon 750G. The 4G variant of the Galaxy A52 gets a Snapdragon 720G chip. The SD778G handily beats all the other chips mentioned in many resource-intensive tasks including gaming.

Should you buy the Samsung Galaxy A52 5G?

Its cheaper, the Snapdragon 750G is still very capable, and the more affordable price is hard to argue with. Unless someone absolutely needs better CPU and GPU performance, sticking with the A52 5G makes the most sense. Next: Can You Use Galaxy Buds 2 With An iPhone?

What is the screen size of the Samsung Galaxy A53 5G?

The Samsung Galaxy A53 5G comes with a 6.5-inch Super AMOLED Full HD+ display, which is the same as what youll find on the Galaxy A52 5G and Galaxy A52s 5G so theres no difference in this department.

What is the difference between the Samsung Galaxy A52 and S20 Fe?

The A52 comes in blue, purple, black and white. The S20 FE comes in blue, red, lavender, mint, white, orange. Of the three, the S20 FE feels like slightly higher quality of build. The Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G, A52 5G and the Galaxy S20 FE have a 6.5-inch display with a Full HD+ resolution that puts their pixel densities at 404ppi.

What kind of Speaker does the Samsung Galaxy a52s 5G have?

The Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G unsurprisingly carries over the same speaker setup from its siblings and predecessors, as well. It is a stereo one, but just the bottom-firing speaker is dedicated. The second channel is handled by the amplified earpiece. Samsung has managed a surprisingly well-balanced hybrid setup here, which is not always the case.

How does the Samsung Galaxy a52s 5G compare to the A52 5G?

Two stereo speakers (bottom right, side-firing; top center, front-firing) With the two devices sharing the same audio specs, one would expect the Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G test results and scores to be identical to those of the A52 5G. We have confirmed this by putting the Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G through the DXOMARK Audio test suite.

How good is the Samsung Galaxy A52 at recording sound?

The Samsung Galaxy A52 earned a solid score in recording timbre, but there were some issues. The overall performance is impaired by a prominence of low midrange, which leads to a muffled sound in all the use cases tested. Overall, the tonal balance is dark, with a lack of clarity and treble, even if some top end is present.

What are the features of the Samsung Galaxy A52?

The A52 has some features you would normally expect on a more expensive model, however, such as the FHD+ 6.5-inch Super AMOLED display, the Exynos Octa-core processor, and a fast-charging 4500 mAh battery.

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