Bill de blasio

bill de blasio

How old is Bill de Blasio now?

... (Show more) Bill de Blasio, original name Warren Wilhelm, Jr., (born May 8, 1961, New York, New York, U.S.), American Democratic politician who was mayor of New York City (2014– ). He also served as Hillary Clinton ’s campaign manager for her successful senatorial run in 2000 and as a New York City councillor (2002–09).

Who did Bill de Blasio run against for mayor?

On January 27, 2013, de Blasio announced his candidacy for Mayor of New York City in the fall election. The Democratic primary race included nine candidates, among them Council Speaker Christine Quinn, former U.S. Representative Anthony Weiner, and former New York City Comptroller and 2009 mayoral nominee Bill Thompson.

Did New York City reimburse Bill de Blasio’s security detail during the campaign?

In October 2021, the New York City Department of Investigations published in a report that the City has not been reimbursed by the de Blasio Campaign for the travel expenses of the security detail during the Mayor’s presidential campaign, totaling over $300,000.

What did Bill de Blasio do for the environment?

In April 2019, De Blasio announced his support for the Green New Deal and for legislation to ban the construction of glass and steel skyscrapers in New York City, citing environmental concerns and contribution to global warming. De Blasio also criticized the development at Hudson Yards in Manhattan.

Did Bill de Blasio use his security detail for political purposes?

In October, de Blasio’s hand-picked investigations commissioner issued a blistering, 49-page report that found the mayor squandered nearly $320,000 worth of city resources by using his security detail for “political purposes” during his quixotic 2020 presidential campaign.

How much did de Blasio have to pay back the NYPD?

The city Conflicts of Interest Board ordered de Blasio to reimburse the city $319,794 - an amount that could have increased if the former mayor continued being protected by the NYPD as he campaigns in the Democratic primary for the newly redrawn 10th Congressional District seat.

What happened to Bill de Blasio’s bodyguards?

Now that he’s running for Congress, ex-Mayor Bill de Blasio has given up his NYPD bodyguards — after years of abusing the taxpayer-funded security, The Post has learned. The seven cops who continued to safeguard de Blasio after he left office Dec. 31 were reassigned July 1, law-enforcement sources said.

Where does Bill de Blasio go for a workout?

During his eight years as mayor, de Blasio regularly had his bodyguards drive him from Gracie Mansion on Manhattan’s Upper East Side to the Prospect Park YMCA in Brooklyn on weekday mornings for light workouts of stretching and riding a stationary bicycle while watching TV.

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