Who is the president of Portugal now?

President of Portugal. The powers, functions and duties of prior presidential offices, and their relation with the Prime Minister and cabinets have over time differed with the various Portuguese constitutions. The current President of Portugal is Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, who took office on 9 March 2016.

What are the benefits of permanent residence in Portugal?

We mention that persons living in Portugal and having a permanent or temporary residence permits have the right to study and work in Portugal, have several tax advantages, can access social services, and can operate under the recognized professional certificates.

What documents do I need to become a resident in Portugal?

The Registration Certificate is the type of document issued for foreign residents in Portugal. This is normally issued for persons who intend to live more than just 3 months in Portugal. 3. Do I need a residency visa before the application for permanent residence in Portugal?

What is a temporary residence permit in Portugal?

The temporary residence permit is issued for persons wanting to settle in Portugal and who make proof of monthly incomes of at least EUR 1,070. It is good to know that dependents will be part of the application and will receive the temporary residence permit.

What documents are required for the ten-year residency in Portugal?

Documents required for the ten-year residency are usually passport, residency document from the town hall, proof of income and proof of health insurance. After you became a legal resident through the town hall you should go to the Tax Office with your passport and your residency certificate and update your address for the Portuguese one.

What type of residence visa do I need to live in Portugal?

The type of residence visa you need depends on how long and why you plan to stay in Portugal. Your residence visa allows you to enter Portugal for the purpose of applying for a residence permit. Basically, that visa is the first step to getting permanent residency.

How do I apply for a Portuguese residence permit?

This is how you apply for a Portuguese residence permit: Apply for the visa residency. Apply for the residence permit. Before applying for a permit you first need a residency visa which allows you to enter Portugal for the purpose of gaining a residency permit. The residency visa is valid for four months and it allows for double entry.

How do I get permanent residency in Portugal by marriage?

Residency by marriage. Marriage is another path to Portuguese residence. By marrying a citizen of Portugal, you can apply for residency and, eventually, citizenship. The first stage in this process is getting a temporary residence permit for five years and then you can opt for a permanent residency.

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