Irish passenger locator form

irish passenger locator form

What is the Ireland passenger locator form?

The Ireland Passenger Locator Form is an official document created by the Irish Government to limit as much as possible the spread of COVID-19 within their community. This would require you to declare authentic and accurate information about your planned travel itinerary and contact details, for your trip to Ireland.

What are the changes to the passenger locator form?

‘The changes to the Passenger Locator Form captures this information and helps to ensure that passengers have a clearer understanding of what documentation is accepted to avoid public health restrictions upon arrival to Ireland. A new visual layout has been developed for the online form to streamline the user experience.

What is an enhanced passenger locator form?

An enhanced Passenger Locator Form has been launched by the Health Department to support the implementation of the EU Digital COVID Certificate. From July 19, non-essential travel returned for the fully vaccinated and those who have recovered from COVID-19 in Ireland.

How many children’s details can I include on a passenger locator?

A passenger when completing a passenger locator form can include up to 7 children’s details on one form. The mobile number of the lead passenger should be provided Information you will be required to provide: information on how you arrived in Ireland (for example: name of airline or ferry, flight/ferry number)

What is the passenger locator form for Ireland (PLF)?

The Passenger Locator Form for Ireland is an online health declaration form that helps the Republic of Irelands Government minimize the spread of Covid-19. The Irish PLF requires travelers to provide basic personal information, as well as their health-related details.

Is the Irish passenger locator form mandatory for all travelers?

Yes, the Irish Passenger Locator Form is mandatory for all travelers, with very few exceptions. Visitors, residents, and Irish nationals must all complete the online questionnaire before boarding a flight or ferry to the Republic of Ireland. Children must also be included on a form.

How do I get a locator form for Ireland?

here. and works across all devices – mobile, tablet or laptop. This must be completed online in advance of travel and is a requirement for boarding your flight. Once completed, an email confirmation will be sent to the passenger, who must present this to an Immigration Officer at Passport Control.

How do I complete the passenger locator form?

to complete the passenger locator form, you need to provide the mobile number that you will be using while in Ireland. We will text you with a verification code that you can enter to log in and complete the form.

When will passenger locator forms be scrapped for travel? Why UK entry requirements could change before Easter Transport Secretary Grant Shapps wants the passenger locator form – which must be filled in by all UK arrivals, regardless of vaccination status – scrapped in time for the Easter Holidays.

What is an enhanced passenger locator form?

What is the enhanced passenger locator form for non-essential travel?

In particular, the enhanced Passenger Locator Form will support the implementation of the EU Digital COVID Certificate. The lifting of restrictions on non-essential travel allows certain passengers to travel without the requirement to quarantine or provide further tests based on their vaccination, recovery or RT-PCR test status.

What is a passenger locator form and how does it work?

Travel restrictions have changed constantly since the pandemic began in 2020, but one of the most consistent rules has been filling out a passenger locator form. The form was introduced in 2020 as a way to keep track of those returning to the UK in case they tested positive for Covid, or came into contact with someone who did.

What is the digital passenger locator form (DPLF)?

What is the digital Passenger Locator Form (dPLF) and when is it used? Passenger Locator Forms (PLFs) are used by public health authorities to facilitate cross border contact tracing in case travellers are exposed to an infectious disease during their travel by plane, ship (cruise/ferry), rail, bus or automobile.

When will the online passenger locator form be upgraded?

From today, the online Passenger Locator Form will be upgraded to complement the travel measures introduced from 19 July. In particular, the enhanced Passenger Locator Form will support the implementation of the EU Digital COVID Certificate.

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