What is seresto for cats and dogs?

Seresto® for cats and dogs. It’s an innovative collar which kills fleas and ticks for 8 months, in a gold tin! A flea and tick collar like no other, Seresto® prevents both flea and tick infestations via simple contact with your cat or dog’s skin.

How long does seresto® last?

As the active ingredients wear off over time, a new supply is continuously replenished in low concentrations for 8 months. The long-lasting, 8-month duration of Seresto ® differentiates it from other flea and tick collars. Watch our video for more information about How It Works.

How does seresto® work to prevent fleas and ticks?

But the nonsystemic protection of Seresto® distributes them across the coat and skin — so fleas and ticks don’t have to bite your pet to die. No messy coatings here. Active ingredients are stored in the collar’s unique polymer matrix and released in low concentrations over 8 months.

How does the seresto® collar work?

The Seresto ® collar works with a unique polymer matrix of two active ingredients, which spread from the site of direct contact over the skin surface of your dog. The active ingredients in Seresto ® are released in low concentrations from within the collar.

Can you use a seresto collar on a cat?

The Seresto Small dog collars are not for use on Cats. when seresto first came out, the product only came in a large dog and a small dog/cat combo collar. Most flea and tick collars are an option for dogs and cats who are not suffering from an existing infestation of pests.

Does seresto kill ticks on dogs?

These active ingredients repel and kill fleas and ticks in dogs and cats. Seresto ® cat collars help to repel and kill fleas and ticks in cats and kittens 10 weeks and older. For puppies and dogs 7 weeks and older, Seresto ® helps repel and kill fleas, ticks, and chewing lice.

How long does it take for seresto to work on cats?

Seresto ® kills existing fleas on cats within 24 hours after application. Once Seresto ® has been on your cat for 24 hours, re-infesting fleas are killed within two hours. Seresto ® starts killing ticks within 48 hours after Seresto ® collar application. Re-infesting ticks are repelled and/or killed in as quickly as 6 hours.

Is seresto for dogs water resistant?

Seresto ® for dogs is water resistant. The active ingredients of Seresto ® are contained within the Bayer Polymer Matrix, making it water resistant. Therefore, it is unnecessary to remove the collar before the pet is immersed in water. Seresto ® remains effective following a shampoo treatment, swimming, or after exposure to rain or sunlight.

Does seresto kill fleas and ticks?

Manufactured by time-honored veterinary science company Bayer, Seresto contains two active ingredients that fight fleas and ticks. An insecticide proven to be highly toxic to biting insects, Imidacloprid fights fleas at both their larval and adult stages.

How does the seresto flea collar work?

How does the Seresto flea collar work? The Seresto flea and tick collar provides up to eight months of flea and tick prevention for pets, making it one of the most convenient treatments. With the huge range of flea and tick treatments on the market, many pet owners turn to the most convenient and cost-effective medications to fight an infestation.

Is seresto or frontline better for dogs?

However, Frontline uses a different mix of chemicals than Seresto, and according to some reviews, it does not appear to be as effective, especially if your dog is particularly prone to fleas and ticks or you live in an area where they are prevalent.

Are seresto collars safe for dogs?

The collar has been deemed safe for use on dogs seven weeks or older, cats 10 weeks or older, and comes in several doses for dogs of varying sizes. Seresto has even been found safe for pets who chew on their collars, so you can rest assured that your companion is getting the best and longest-lasting protection from fleas and ticks.

So if you use a Seresto collar on your dog, you need to know the truth about the risk to your pets and your family. What Are Seresto Collars? Seresto collars are flea and tick repellent collars that stay on your dog 24/7. They’re odorless and water resistant (even after a bath). The collar lasts for 8 months, making it a very convenient option.

How long does it take for seresto to work on dogs?

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