What is the significance of Chania?

Chania is the site of the Minoan settlement the Greeks called Kydonia, the source of the word quince. It appears on Linear B as ku-do-ni-ja. [2] Some notable archaeological evidence for the existence of this Minoan city below some parts of todays Chania was found by excavations [3] in the district of Kasteli in the Old Town.

What to do in Chania?

Chania Chania (also spelled: Hania) is the capital city, a place where different civilizations have flourished throughout the centuries. Strolling around the Old Town’s maze-like alleys with the beautiful Venetian mansions, the fountains and the churches will guide you through well-preserved historical monuments.

How to get from Athens to Chania?

During the high season (April to October) there are charter flights to Chania from many European airports. You can take the ferry from Athens port (Piraeus). The ferry will leave you at Souda port which is just outside the town of Chania. From there you can take the bus or a taxi and discover the scenic town of Chania.

What is the municipal unit of Chania?

Chania is number 1. The municipality of Chania was formed in the 2011 local government reform by the merger of the following seven former municipalities, that became municipal units: [16] The municipality has an area of 351.306 km 2 (135.640 sq mi), the municipal unit 12.564 km 2 (4.851 sq mi). [17]

How to get from Athens to Chania Crete?

To take the ferry Athens to Chania service, youll depart from Piraeus Port of Athens. You can also fly from Athens International airport to the airport in Chania Crete. How much is a ferry from Athens to Crete?

What is the earliest flight from Athens to Chania?

The earliest flight leaves Athens at at 5:00 am and lands in Chania at at 5:50 am. What’s the latest departure time from Athens to Chania? Which airlines fly nonstop between Athens and Chania? Aegean Airlines, Sky Express, and Olympic Air operate direct flights from Athens to Chania. Which aircraft models fly most regularly from Athens to Chania?

Is there a ferry from Athens (Piraeus) to Chania?

Is there a ferry from Athens (Piraeus) to Chania? There are at least 2 ferries per day by 2 ferry companies traveling from Piraeus to Chania. The ferry companies that usually operate on this route are Anek Lines and Minoan Lines.

How many times a day does Olympic Air fly to Chania?

In normal times, Olympic Air flies from Athens to Chania up to 10 times per day, Aegean Airlines up to 10 times per day, and Sky Express up to 5 times per day. However, there are also other airlines serving flights from ATH to Chania. What’s the cheapest day of the week to fly from Athens to Chania?

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