Nokia 8210

nokia 8210

When did the Nokia 8210 come out?

Nokia 8210 is a mobile phone by Nokia, announced on 8 October 1999 in Paris. At the time, it was the smallest, lightest Nokia mobile phone on the market, thus its selling point was based on its design and customization, with removable Xpress-on covers.

What is the infrared port on a Nokia 8210 used for?

Nokia 8210 features an infrared port on the lower left side, which can be used to communicate with a compatible PC or printer. The infrared port can also be used to transfer names and phone numbers or business cards between compatible phones. Data is transferred at 9.6 kilobits per second.

What is the difference between Nokia 8210 and Nokia 8260?

Another GSM version of Nokia 8210 is Nokia 8290, designed for the North American market using single-band GSM-1900 . Nokia 8260 is a variant of the 8290 designed for IS-136 TDMA/AMPS networks in North America. The 8260, weighing 3.4 ounces, is slightly heavier and larger than the 8290 at 2.8 ounces.

Is the Nokia 8210 making a comeback as a drug dealers phone?

A mobile phone from the 1990s is making a comeback among drug dealers. Crooks favour the Nokia 8210, launched in 1999, over smartphones fitted with wi-fi, GPS and Bluetooth.

What kind of band does the Nokia 8210 use?

Nokia 8210 uses the GSM 900/1800 band, supports the Extended GSM 900 band (EGSM), and can automatically switch between bands. The phone weighs 79 g (with a lithium battery) and is 101.5 mm long, 44.5 mm wide and 17.4 mm thick. It has a green frontlit monochrome display (the keypad is also illuminated green).

Why did Nokia make the 3210 phone?

After pitching phones to the businessperson and the general consumer, Nokia accessed its teenage demographic with the 3210 phone. The phone was pocket sized and had predictive texting capabilities, making it easy for students to sneak their phones in class and type quickly.

What is the difference between Nokia 8265 and Nokia 8260?

Nokia 8265 is an updated version of the 8260, sporting an updated design. New features include picture messaging and a white backlight. Nokia 8265 i adds a WAP browser and switches to a blue backlight.

Is the Nokia 8210 a good phone?

The Nokia 8210 is a nice object to hold. It is small and light; light enough be a modern phone. Turn it on and you will be surprised by the dated monochrome display. On the outside this phone could be new and many people wish Nokia would still make something like it today.

Does the Nokia 8270 have an infrared port?

Like the 8250, the 8270 features a blue backlight. However, it does not feature an infrared port. In its time, this phone was a great hit with many people. It had a cult status in the early 2000s Australia and New Zealand due to its size and backlight, and was known for this as Nokia-Blue.

What was the problem with the Nokia 82xx?

The Nokia 82XX series had several design flaws, among them a tendency to develop screen fade, in which the connector for the display would shrink, and figures on the display would become so dim that it was impossible to read them.

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