Semilha madeira

semilha madeira

What does Madeira mean?

Madeira ( /məˈdɪərə/ mə-DEER-ə, also US: /-ˈdɛər-/ -⁠DAIR-, Portuguese: [mɐˈðejɾɐ, -ˈðɐj-] ), officially the Autonomous Region of Madeira ( Região Autónoma da Madeira ), is one of the two autonomous regions of Portugal (along with the Azores ). It is an archipelago situated in the north Atlantic Ocean, southwest of Portugal.

Is Madeira on the 32nd parallel north?

The two archipelagos are the only land in the Atlantic on the 32nd parallel north. Madeira is found in the extreme south of the Tore-Madeira Ridge, a bathymetric structure of great dimensions oriented along a north-northeast to south-southwest axis that extends for 1,000 kilometres (540 nmi).

What is the relative location of Madeira?

/  32.750°N 17.000°W  / 32.750; -17.000 Madeira ( / məˈdɪərə / mə-DEER-ə, US also /- ˈdɛər -/ -⁠DAIR-, Portuguese: [mɐˈðejɾɐ, -ˈðɐj-] ), officially the Autonomous Region of Madeira ( Portuguese: Região Autónoma da Madeira ), is one of the two autonomous regions of Portugal, the other being the Azores.

What are the bioclimates of Madeira?

Madeira has many different bioclimates Based on differences in sun exposure, humidity, and annual mean temperature, there are clear variations between north- and south-facing regions, as well as between some islands.

What is the origin of the word Madeira?

From Portuguese madeira (“wood), from Latin materia, from Proto-Indo-European *méhâ‚‚tÄ“r (“mother). Newfoundland, the West Indies, and the Falklands, and the chief oceanic islands are the Azores, Madeira, the Canaries, the Cape Verde Islands, Ascension, St Helena, Tristan da Cunha and Bouvet Island.

What is Madeira wine?

Any of several fortified wines, ranging from pale to amber and dry to sweet, made chiefly on Madeira. (place) Group of Portuguese islands in the Atlantic, off the W coast of Morocco: 310 sq mi (803 sq km); chief city, Funchal. Island in the Atlantic Ocean and an autonomous region of Portugal. A type of fortified wine produced on that island.

Where are the Madeira Islands?

a group of volcanic islands in the N Atlantic, west of Morocco: since 1976 an autonomous region of Portugal; consists of the chief island, Madeira, Porto Santo, and the uninhabited Deserta and Selvagen Islands.

What is the capital of Madeira?

It is an archipelago situated in the north Atlantic Ocean, southwest of Portugal. Its total population was estimated in 2011 at 267,785. The capital of Madeira is Funchal, which is located on the main islands south coast.

Where is Madeira Island located?

Madeira Island Location and Climate: The Madeira Archipelago is located in the Atlantic Ocean, in the African plate, 978 km south of Portugal, approximately 33 degrees north latitude, about 700 km west of the African coast, almost the same latitude as Casablanca and 450 km north of the Canary Islands, and has a total area of 796 km2.

How to get to Madeira?

There are many ways of getting to Madeira, but a good start is to locate it on a map. The Madeiran archipelago is located about 700 km from Africa (almost at the same level as Casablanca, Morocco), 450 km from the Canary Islands, 800 km from the Azores and 900 km from mainland Portugal.

What is another name for Madeira?

Alternative Titles: Arquipélago da Madeira, Funchal Islands. Madeira Islands, Portuguese Arquipélago da Madeira, archipelago of volcanic origin in the North Atlantic Ocean, belonging to Portugal. It comprises two inhabited islands, Madeira and Porto Santo, and two uninhabited groups, the Desertas and the Selvagens.

What is the population of Madeira?

Madeira is a Portuguese island, and is the largest and most populous of the Madeira Archipelago. It has an area of 740.7 km 2, including Ilhéu de Agostinho, Ilhéu de São Lourenço, Ilhéu Mole (northwest). As of 2011, Madeira had a total population of 262,456.

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