Apple podcasts

apple podcasts

What is the Podcasts app on iPhone?

What is Apple Podcasts The Podcasts app for your iPhone and iPad allows you to listen to a number of podcasts right on your device. It uses your Internet connection to fetch, download, and play podcasts on your device. The Podcasts app is actually the result of Apple breaking down the iTunes app into three parts namely Podcasts, TV, and Music.

How can I listen to podcasts with Siri?

Go ahead, put your feet up — Siri can access everything on Apple Podcasts, so just ask your favorite personal assistant to put on whatever you want to hear. Stories that go everywhere. All your Apple devices come ready to play every podcast on the app — so whether you’re driving or jogging or cooking, you can keep the conversation going.

How to listen to podcasts on your device?

As mentioned earlier, in order to access podcasts on your devices, you are going to need an application that lets you access them. Both Apple App Store and Google Play Store have hundreds of these apps to help you access your favorite podcasts on your devices.

How do I view recent episodes of a podcast on iPhone?

Tap a podcast to see its information page. Scroll to see recent episodes or tap See All (if available). See also Download, save, and share podcast episodes on iPhone. Helpful?

What is Apple Podcasts and how does it work?

The Apple Podcasts app is already installed on all your favorite Apple devices — including Apple TV, Apple Watch, and CarPlay. You can also listen in iTunes on Windows or with an Alexa‑enabled speaker. What does it cost? Apple Podcasts offers millions of shows completely free.

How to listen to podcasts on iPhone or iPad?

That is how you listen to a podcast on your device. As mentioned above, Apple Podcasts is actually an application that lets you access various podcasts on your devices. Once you have got this app up and running on your iPhone or iPad, you are all set to start listening to your favorite podcasts.

Where can I download podcasts for free?

Podcast App on the App Store Get millions of podcasts at your fingertips and any curiosity on-demand, only on Podcast App: the #1 most downloaded podcast app in The App Store. Sharpen up in your downtime with free and easy access to millions of shows.

How do I purchase Apple Podcasts subscriptions?

You can also purchase Apple Podcasts Subscriptions to listen premium content in the Apple Podcasts app. Browse or search for a show in the Apple Podcasts app. Tap the show to see its information page. Tap the add button . New episodes will automatically download for free, and youll get a notification as they become available.

How to listen to podcasts on different devices?

You can also listen to podcasts on your Mac if it’s running macOS Catalina. Unfortunately, there isn’t a built-in podcast app for Android. The Google Search app has a built-in Podcasts feature that lets you subscribe and listen to podcasts. You can also download the Google Podcasts app if you’d rather have more of a cohesive structure.

How do I download podcasts to my Android phone?

Search the Podcast Player app on Google Play, and tap the green INSTALL button to download it. Podcast Player is a free, third-party app that allows you to download and listen to podcasts. Open the Podcast Player app on your Android. The Podcast Player icon looks like a white radio tower in a purple circle. You can find it on your Apps menu.

Is there an app to listen to podcasts for free?

The app also has a “browse” section that lets you discover new and top-rated podcasts by category. Android users, you’ve also got a free built-in podcast app. It does everything that Apple Podcasts does, so you can start listening in seconds and subscribe to keep it up.

How do I listen to podcasts on Google Play Music?

By subscribing, the podcast will appear in the Your Podcasts tab in the Google Play Music app, so that you dont have to search for it each time you want to listen to a new episode. You can play a single podcast episode, and subscribe to it to get future episodes automatically. There are many other apps that also allow you to listen to podcasts.

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